"We went from having these big rallies around the country to literally sitting around in hotel rooms and there was just nothing we could do about it," Stevens said.

Stevens did say that he did not blame New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), who openly embraced Obama in the days following the storm and hailed the president's response. Simply, Stevens said, the conversation shifted to coverage of the storm.

Stevens has been aggressively defending his campaign's performance in recent weeks, penning an op-ed last week praising Romney and warning the GOP of "a shortage of loyalty and an abundance of self-loathing."

"He raised more money for the Republican Party than the Republican Party did," Stevens wrote. "He trounced Barack ObamaBarack ObamaCongress needs to assert the war power against a dangerous president CNN's Don Lemon: Anyone supporting Trump ‘complicit' in racism DOJ warrant of Trump resistance site triggers alarm MORE in debate. He defended the free-enterprise system and, more than any figure in recent history, drew attention to the moral case for free enterprise and conservative economics."