A man was arrested near the White House Monday after attempting to jump the fence on the North Lawn, the Secret Service said. 

An agency spokesperson said the man made it past bike-rack style barriers in front of the fence line around 4:30 p.m. before being taken into custody. The subject was transported to the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington for processing.   

“At no time did the subject gain entry to the grounds of the White House complex,” spokesman Kevin Dye said in an emailed statement. “The incident was quickly resolved.”

The Secret Service has beefed up security measures outside the White House over the past year following a string of fence-jumping incidents that marred the agency’s reputation. That effort includes placement of the so-called bike racks and installing metal spikes on the actual fence to deter climbers.

The most well-known instance occurred in 2014, when a man scaled the North Lawn fence and overpowered a Secret Service officer before running throughout the main floor. Omar Gonzalez, received a 17-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to charges related to jumping the fence and entering the White House. 

Updated 6:59 p.m.