GOP senator unsure about Trump with nuclear codes
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“Well, that’s a tough question,” Coats said with a laugh during an interview Thursday with radio host John Howell, highlighted by BuzzFeed, referencing the "nutzo time" in U.S. politics.
"I understand people’s frustration,” Coats said. “I’m having a hard time understanding Donald Trump because he says one thing one day then corrects it the next day."

“But, man, I don’t know how to answer that question," said Coats, who endorsed Marco RubioMarco RubioMexican politicians have a new piñata: Donald Trump Bush ethics lawyer: Congress must tell Trump not to fire Mueller The private alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program  MORE for president last month.

Several Republicans have questioned Trump's temperament for handling the codes, including Rubio and former White House rival Jeb Bush, casting the businessman as erratic.
"Obviously he’s tapped into something here, and he may be on his way to the presidency. I’m waiting for the responsible, calm, serious presidential Donald Trump to appear," Coats said of Trump.
"He says that’s gonna happen. We will see."