Former President George H. W. Bush has a slightly elevated fever and remains in the Intensive Care Unit in a Houston hospital, according to a spokesman for the former president.

Bush is on a liquid diet and has been receiving Tylenol for the fever, spokesman Jim McGrath told The Hill on Wednesday. Thus far, the Tylenol has not had the desired effect on Bush's condition, he added.

The former president has been in the ICU since Sunday.

Bush, 88, spent Christmas with his family in the Houston-area hospital. He was first admitted in early November before being released on Nov. 19 and then readmitted to Methodist Hospital on Nov. 23, according to CNN.

Asked how serious he would describe Bush's condition to be, McGrath said, "when you go in the ICU I think it's inherently a serious situation."

Bush's daughter Doro is visiting the former president on Wednesday, according to McGrath. McGrath added that there is no discussion of when Bush, 88, will be released from the hospital.  

"The concept of a discharge is not in the conversation right now," McGrath wrote. 

When he returned to the hospital in late November, aides said that Bush's symptoms were not life-threatening and that he would likely be home by Christmas. 

— This story was originally posted at 2:54 p.m. and has been updated.