Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) accused President Obama of not wanting to actually come to an agreement with Republicans on a deal to prevent "fiscal cliff" spending cuts and tax increases.

Schock's comments, during an interview Friday night with Fox News's Greta Van Susteren, came a few hours after Obama met with the top two Republicans and Democrats in the House and the Senate to discuss a deal to prevent the across-the-board spending cuts and tax rate increases ahead of the year-end deadline. After the meeting, Obama and the legislators indicated they were optimistic a deal could be reached before the end of the year. 

But Schock said House Republicans have been the only ones actually making an effort to hammer out a deal.

"This is really the House having to negotiate with itself, and the president, who I believe is beginning to show his cards, which is someone who doesn't really want to deal, who for whatever reason believes that it's to his political benefit or a potential gain for us to go over this cliff, to try and make us look obstinate in the House and somehow, it's our fault," Schock said. "What we have been trying to negotiate. We've been trying to put ideas out there in good faith."

Both the House and Senate are set to reconvene Sunday afternoon for votes. While the likelihood that a "fiscal cliff" deal will be ready to pass through both chambers that afternoon is remote, the Senate is expected to amend legislation that passed through the House with a new proposal to prevent the tax increases and spending cuts. After amending the bill, the Senate would send it back to the House.