Murkowski's comments on Friday came in response to Vice President Biden, who is leading a task force that will pass along recommendations to reduce gun violence to President Obama next week, saying that Obama is likely to use executive orders. Obama has called for swift action on reducing gun violence in response to a shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in December that resulted in 27 dead.

"I will tell you that I am very very troubled with the vice president's comments that he thinks that gun control can effectively be done through executive decree — executive order," Murkowski said Friday in an interview with KSRM Radio.

Biden has indicated that his task force is likely to recommend universal background checks for buying guns, limiting the sale of high-capacity gun magazines, and ending restrictions on the federal government collecting data on gun sales.

"I have a real hard time with this. We're talking about the Second Amendment," Murkowski continued. "A Second Amendment right in my view cannot be trumped, in my view, with an executive order so I'm not quite sure where the vice president's coming from on this. I've suggested that — well, look, if what you're talking about here is greater enforcement of existing laws, OK, let's talk about that, but if through executive order you put a limitation or restriction through my executive rights or your executive rights, that's wrong, we do not allow that to happen."

A number of legislators called for congressional action in response to the Sandy Hook shooting. Sen. Dianne FeinsteinDianne Emiel FeinsteinGun proposal picks up GOP support Gingrich: Banning rapid fire gun modification is ‘common sense’ House bill set to reignite debate on warrantless surveillance MORE (D-Calif.) plans on introducing legislation reinstating the federal assault weapons ban. Murkowski said Feinstein's proposal would "demonize" gun owners.

"As far as Sen. Feinstein's proposal, again, we haven't seen that actual legislative text," Murkowki's said. "I've heard enough of what she's proposing to have very real concerns. The things that she is talking about would, in my view, demonize those of us who lawfully own, respect firearms without solving the problem."