"A Trump nomination, it's just hard to process. This feels like a political shift of biblical proportions, like an act of God. But why would a loving God let this happen?" Colbert asked on "The Late Show."
He then engaged in a mock conversation with a figure portraying God. 
"God, why did you let Donald Trump become the Republican nominee?" Colbert asked. 
The character portraying God expressed shock, saying, "No way!" and inquiring about what happened to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.
Colbert said Trump has offered "specific, meaningless promises," instead of "vague, meaningless promises," airing video of the billionaire vowing to bring back "Merry Christmas."
Colbert said Trump's status as the presumptive nominee is a "mixed blessing" for comedians like himself.
The comedian said that after Trump announced his bid, "We were so convinced that it wouldn't last that we rushed to make a video to put on the internet so we wouldn't miss a chance to make jokes about him."