Fortuño will serve in the firm's Washington office and will work for Steptoe's Corporate, Securities, and Finance Group and Government Affairs and Public Policy Group, respectively. Fortuño will also help expand the firm's Latin American practice, according to Steptoe.

"In leaving the governor’s office, I considered a number of opportunities in private practice, and chose Steptoe for several reasons," Fortuño said in a statement on Thursday. "Not only does the firm have an outstanding scope of work, conducted by lawyers performing at the highest-levels, I was drawn in by the firm’s collegiality and spirit. I felt I would fit in perfectly with the people and the culture at the firm."

Fortuño has been considered a rising star within the Republican Party and had been mentioned as a possible darkhorse candidate for the 2012 vice presidential ticket. In addition to moving to Steptoe, Fortuño is set to speak at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in March.

Before serving as governor of Puerto Rico, Fortuño served in Congress for four years as the delegate from Puerto Rico. During that time he was vice chairman and chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Conference.

"Luis brings a track record of success from every position he has held," Steptoe chairman Roger E. Warin said in a statement. "As governor, right after the 2007 global economic crisis, he developed and successfully implemented fiscal reforms that included public-private partnerships, tax cuts, regulatory streamlining and new sources of government revenue."