Nats unveil Taft as newest racing president

The new Taft is unveiled. Image via letteddywin.comTaft will now join Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt in the Nationals’ 4th inning presidents’ race.

Taft, the 27th president, had a real-life rivalry with Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th, as Roosevelt mounted a third-party challenge against Taft that led to defeat for both presidents.

Now they will battle it out racing around the Nationals outfield in the presidents’ race, where Teddy is already a fan favorite.

Teddy had famously never won a race until last year, leading to a website and Twitter account, “Let Teddy Win.” He broke the years-long losing streak in the Nationals final regular season game as they went to the playoffs for the first time.

Like Teddy — whose Twitter account @Teddy26Nats has more than 10,000 followers —Taft is already on Twitter at @NatsBigChief27.

“Listen up, @Teddy26Nats - we've run against each other in the past, now we'll run together in 2013! #5thPresident,” Taft tweeted, telling followers to call him “Bill.”

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