"Any organization should reevaluate and look at positions they take and how they’re looked at in the marketplace. The Boy Scouts, in particular, are having a realistic discussion among themselves and this is healthy and this is good," Sessions, who leads the Congressional Scouting Caucus, said according to the Dallas Morning News

Leaders of the Boy Scouts of America are currently considering whether to reverse its policy and allow gay members into its ranks. 

President Obama recently weighed in on the issue, during a pre-Super Bowl interview said the Boy Scouts should allow gay members.

"Yes," Obama said when asked if the organization should end its ban.

Sessions said the organization should focus on its mission and not act based on political motivations.

"They need to follow their mission statement, and that needs to be the guiding point," Sessions continued.

Sessions has voted against prohibiting job discrimination based on sexuality and has supported a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.