Ron Paul files complaint to seize eponymous web domain from supporters

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a specialized agency within the United Nations that arbitrates disputes over internet domains. 

The website owners say they "put our lives on hold and invested 5 years of hard work into Ron Paul, and Ron Paul 2012" and would "prefer to keep"

In the letter uploaded to the group's website, lawyers for Paul argue that "the words 'Ron Paul' have become synonymous with Dr. Paul's political writings and discourse" and the domain names under challenge "are identical to the Ron Paul [trade]mark."

In an interview last month with radio host Alex Jones, Paul — who retired from Congress at the end of the previous term — expressed regret that he did not hold ownership of his eponymous domain name.

"I’m going to have a home page," Paul said. "Unfortunately, I didn’t have, so I’m going to have to have That will be coming up, but it’s not ready yet."

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