2014 campaign starts tomorrow
Ed Morrissey of Hot Air details the NRA's new campaign against red-state Senate Democrats up for reelection.

Hagel's 'Friends of Hamas'
The Caucus's Jim Rutenberg discusses the conservative news outlet that cited a fake group in opposition to Chuck Hagel's Cabinet nomination.

Sessions on the budget
Andrew Stiles of The National Review highlights Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions's plan to reframe the GOP'd budget argument.

The left's Todd Akin

Evan McMorris Santoro of Talking Points Memo looks at the decision by an anti-gun group backed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to defend a Colorado lawmaker's "inarful" rape comments.


White House defends Biden's call to arms

White House press secretary Jay Carney defended Joe Biden's suggestion that those concerned about home security should "buy a shotgun," The Hill's Justin Sink reports.

Kerry slams critics of foreign aid in first major speech as secretary
John Kerry rips his former colleagues in Congress for contributing to public opposition to foreign aid during his first major address as secretary of State, The Hill's Julian Pecquet reports.