President Obama's "longest lasting legacy" will be helping to create a new group of Republican leaders, says Sen. Ted CruzTed CruzHealthcare wish lists: What moderates, conservatives want Overnight Healthcare: GOP infighting erupts over bill | How Republican governors could bring down ObamaCare repeal | Schumer asks Trump to meet with Dems GOP infighting erupts over healthcare bill MORE (R-Texas).

Cruz, speaking at the Cuyahoga County GOP Lincoln Day dinner in Ohio on Thursday, made the comments while assessing why Republicans lost the 2012 presidential race. Cruz said Democrats controlled the perception of their party and the Republican Party.

"You want to know what happened last election cycle? We didn't win the argument for the American people," Cruz said Thursday night according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The Democrats' story is the Republicans are the party of the rich, the Democrats are the party of everybody else. And if that's the narrative people believe, we'll never win another national election."

But in the end, Obama's time in office will help create a new set of Republican leaders, Cruz added.

"We got clobbered the last time around, but we are continuing to see a new generation of leaders step forward," he said. "In 1980, it took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan. And I remain convinced the longest lasting legacy of Barack ObamaBarack ObamaObama ethics czar: Trump fundraiser at his DC hotel ‘illegal’ Trump greeted by protesters at campaign fundraiser Six easy wins to improve transparency on Capitol Hill  MORE is going to be a new generation of leaders of the Republican Party who stand for liberty."

Cruz himself has recently gained attention as a rising star in the Republican Party for his signature confrontational style. Over the last week Cruz has repeatedly defended his belief that too much cooperation can be damaging.

"For too long politicians from other parties have gone along to get along in Washington, ant that's what's gotten us into this mess," Cruz said. "That's what's gotten us a $16.5 trillion debt. It's what has killed economic growth in this country. "