The first lady said that her goal was to have all 50 states take legislative or executive actions by the end of 2015 to aid service members returning home.

"That means that our troops will be taken care of no matter what state they decide to call home," Obama said.

Obama also urged governors to continue work on spousal licensing ā€” programs that would help those married to service members carry their accreditations and credentials from state to state when transferred for their spouse's military service.

"We don't want our men and women, and their families in uniform, and veterans to be limited to where they can live because not all states are on board," Obama said.

Biden echoed that call, emphasizing that it was "important that all 50 states get this done."

"Passing these laws is just the first step," Biden said. "We hope all of you will reach out to your bases and your National Guard and Reserve communities, talk with the military spouses ā€” Iā€™m sure many of you already do this already ā€” and make sure that these laws are working for our military families."