Huckabee calls Clinton 'Hellary' in Brexit statement
© Greg Nash
Huckabee argued in a post on his website that the British exit, or Brexit, vote "was a foreshadowing of what will likely happen in November" in the U.S.
"Those who lead the political and financial institutions will push strongly that we 'go along' our path and elect 'Hellary' Clinton," Huckabee wrote
"There will be a large number (I believe a majority) who in spite of the uncertainty of specific policies, will vote to kick the political and financial institutions in their wide and arrogant rear-ends," he added.
The former Arkansas governor and two-time GOP presidential candidate endorsed Trump for the White House in May, saying he was "all in" to help Trump defeat Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee.
Huckabee on Friday drew a parallel between the U.S. and Britain, writing that those wanting to leave the EU included "workers tired of seeing their jobs taken by immigrants who didn’t share the British tradition, culture, and spirit."
The United Kingdom on Thursday voted to leave the 28-member EU, prompting stock markets to plunge. Trump took a victory lap during a trip to his golf resort in Turnberry, Scotland, on Friday, praising the result.