Gallup: Americans less worried about economy, more worried about government disfunction

"Though economic issues such as the economy in general, unemployment, and the deficit still rank among Americans' top concerns for the country today, economic issues are less commonly mentioned now than at any point in the last three years," said Gallup's Jeffrey M. Jones in a release. "The most notable trend is the growing percentage of Americans saying dissatisfaction with government is the most important problem facing the country today, now at levels not seen in nearly 40 years."

Economic and governmental concerns were the only answers that cracked double digits in the survey, but issues like healthcare (7 percent), immigration (5 percent), and gun control (4 percent) that will be central to President Obama's second term agenda also ranked toward the top of the list.

By contrast, no more than 2 percent of respondents pinpointed crime, the environment, or foreign aid as the most serious problem facing the country.

Gallup also asked respondents what the biggest problem facing the country in 25 years would be. In that survey, the federal budget deficit was pinpointed by 13 percent of respondents, while 12 percent identified the economy in general.

That represents a change from the second term of the Bush Administration. In 2007 and 2008, environmental concerns ranked as the biggest challenge of the future; in 2005 and 2006, respondents primarily fretted over the future of Social Security.

The poll of 1,022 adults was conducted March 7-10; the margin of error for the entire sample is plus-or-minus 4 percentage points.

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