Vice President Biden's office apologized to a student journalist after he was told not to take pictures of the vice president at an event in Maryland.

University of Maryland journalism school reporter Jeremy Barr was told by a Biden staffer at the Maryland event on Wednesday that he had to delete photos because the pictures were not taken in the area reserved for press, Reuters reported Thursday.

The Biden staffer reportedly watched as Barr deleted the photos.

The dean for the University of Maryland's journalism school, Lucy Dalglish, sent a letter to Biden's press office describing the situation as "pure intimidation."

In response, Biden's press office formally apologized.

"This was an unfortunate mistake by a staffer who does not regularly interact with the press. Once we learned about it I immediately apologized to the dean of the College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, the reporter involved and to the newspaper. It will never happen again," Biden spokesman Kendra Barkoff said, according to the news service.