Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Friday that he was told President Obama was "absolutely livid" over omissions of God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from the Democratic platform. But, he added, the Obama campaign was to blame for the embarrassing and uncertain floor vote to reinsert the provisions at the party's convention.

"I got a call, said that the president was absolutely livid. The president wanted it back in immediately," Villaraigosa told CNN's "The Lead."

The Los Angeles mayor said that he suggested to Obama's representatives that they count the votes to make sure they could easily pass a fix — but that advice was ultimately ignored. When Villaraigosa brought the provision to a voice vote at the party's convention in Charlotte, the arena seemed split between those who supported adding the provisions and those opposed. The mayor had to conduct the vote three times before gaveling in favor of reinserting the language, providing a political black eye for Democrats.

"My response to that was, great, but we ought to whip it," Villaraigosa  said. "We ought to go to every single delegation and make sure people know what we're doing. Folks didn't want to do that."

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney blasted the moment as a "celebration of failure" at the time.

Villaraigosa was also asked about rumors that he was under consideration for a job in the Obama Administration, but said he hadn't heard from the White House in month.

"We talked early on, but what I said is, I want to finish my job," he said.

The Los Angeles mayor's term will conclude at the end of June. He has since signed on to work at a California think tank, but said he would now be interested if Obama offered him a job.

"When the president calls, you take the call," Villaraigosa  said.