“Well, as you know, Jeff, the Supreme Court doesn’t actually televise the hearings, so it will impact our ability to watch it,” Earnest said.

"I'll bet you could get a seat," Mason quipped back.

When pressed on if anyone from the White House would attend, Earnest sidestepped.

“I don’t know whether or not there will be administration — Obama administration staffers in the room as the arguments are being held,” he said. “But it — this certainly is an issue that the president has followed carefully. You know, there have been briefs that have been filed in the case from the Department of Justice representing the Obama administration’s legal position on these issues.”

Earnest went on to acknowledge that there were already lines forming outside the court of those interested in watching the case's oral arguments.

"It should make for some pretty good legal theater, if nothing else," he joked.

While it's unclear whether there will be any of the president's political advisers in attendance, at least two Obama officials are involved in the proceedings.  Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. will be arguing during both cases, and deputy solicitor general Sri Srinivasan will join him in arguments on Wednesday, The Washington Post reported Monday.