According to the poll, a plurality of voters, 14 percent, said their biggest problem with Republicans is that they are too inflexible. The second most-common critique, coming in at 9 percent, was that the GOP is the party for the rich, prioritizing the interests of the wealthy over the middle class.

Republicans, for the most part agree, with 26 percent of self-identified GOP voters saying their party is too unwilling to compromise, although a strong minority, 14 percent, said their problem was the opposite – that Republicans don’t stand up for their positions and give in too easily.

Democrats and Independents surveyed agreed with a plurality of voters, saying the GOP’s biggest problem was its unwillingness to compromise.

The poll also found that a plurality of voters view Democrats negatively for spending too much.

Fourteen percent of all voters said overspending and policies that increased the deficit were their biggest problems with the Democratic Party.

Democratic voters agreed with this indictment, with 10 percent saying that was the party’s biggest problem.

A plurality of Republicans and Independents surveyed agreed that Democrats spend too much and are responsible for increasing the deficit.

As far as strong suits, voters viewed Republicans positively as managers of the economy and the debt, while saying Democrats care more about issues important to middle class and working families.

The survey of 1,020 adults was conducted between March 20 and 21 and has a four-percentage point margin of error.