President Obama will appear at a $32,400 per couple fundraiser at the Manhattan home of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein next month, according to The Washington Times.

It is the first known fundraising event for the president after his trip last week to San Francisco, where he appeared at four events benefiting the Democratic National Committee and House Democrats.

“You may be asking why [Obama] needs to hit the trail and start fund-raising so soon after his successful re-election, and the reason is twofold,” the invite says, according to the Times.

“Even Republicans concede that part of our victory stemmed from the fact that with no primary opponent … our re-elect team used the extra time to build a large campaign operation melding a grass-roots army of 2.2 million volunteers with groundbreaking technology … We can’t let them use the next two years to catch up,” it said.

It's not clear how big the event will be, but the invitation describes the session as “intimate” and says there will be an opportunity to take a photograph with the president.

Weinstein has been an avid supporter of the president, hosting an August fundraiser at his Connecticut mansion to benefit the president's reelection effort. Actress Anne Hathaway, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and Vogue editor Anna Wintour were among the celebrities who attended that event.

The White House has confirmed the president intends to hold at least 14 fundraisers for Democrats this year. Democrats would need to win a net 17 seats in next year's elections to take majority control of the House.