"I think what you're seeing is that's what the president is focusing on instead of focusing on the economy, the president's been out to Colorado, been up to Connecticut and so the president's got a full court press on gun control as opposed to focusing on the economy and so I think that's a great indication of how out of touch this administration is really with the American people," Neugebauer said during an interview with Texas radio station KFYO.

On Monday Obama travelled to Connecticut where he delivered a speech advocating stricter gun laws. Last week he travelled to Connecticut where he also spoke about passing new gun laws. Connecticut and Colorado are both states where shooting massacres have occurred during Obama's time in office.

Asked if Obama should drop his push to reform the nation's gun laws in response to the shooting massacres, Neugebauer suggested the emphasis should be more on the economy.

"I don't think you can forget they happened but I think one of the things that when you put things in perspective right now I think jobs and the economy —these huge deficits— are big issues and I don't mind the president making that a part of his agenda but when you look at the time he's spending talking about guns versus the time he's spending talking about the economy, I think it's disproportionate," Neugebauer added.

On Tuesday Obama called a number of senators to discuss an upcoming vote on a number of new gun measures. Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidHarry ReidDraft House bill ignites new Yucca Mountain fight Week ahead: House to revive Yucca Mountain fight Warren builds her brand with 2020 down the road MORE (D-Nev.) hopes to bring the new gun restrictions up for a vote on Thursday.