Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) rips President Obama’s newly introduced budget proposal in the Republican Party’s weekly address, calling it “a blank check for more spending and more debt.”

The freshman lawmaker says Obama’s plan would raise taxes by $1 trillion while avoiding a balanced budget. She also accuses of him of wanting to make tax season “even harder on you and your family.”

Obama has painted his budget proposal as a compromise, and liberal Democrats have been highly critical of some aspects of it. But Walorski argues that the plan doesn’t do enough to find common ground.

“Even when the president’s budget offers signs of common ground – like modest entitlement reforms – he says he won’t follow through unless he can impose more tax increases. Worst of all, the White House says the president’s budget never balances — ever, failing to meet the most basic principle of budgeting for every family and small business,” she says.

“The president’s budget isn’t a compromise — it’s a blank check for more spending and more debt. If that were the answer, millions of Americans wouldn’t be leaving the workforce and asking ‘where are the jobs?’”

The freshman lawmaker has close ties to her state’s Tea Party movement and narrowly won her seat in 2012 after failing to win it in 2010. Democrats view her as a potential 2014 target despite the district’s conservative lean.

Walorski concludes the address by touting House Republicans’ budget plans, promising the party would balance the budget in ten years, spur job growth through energy development, and lay “the groundwork for a fairer, simpler tax code.”

She also calls for a repeal of ObamaCare, before saying Obama should work more across the aisle.

“Instead of the same old take-it-or-leave-it approach, President Obama should work with Republicans to find common ground so we can balance our budget, grow our economy, and improve the lives of American families,” she concludes.