Blackburn, Bachmann to attend Thatcher funeral

In a statement earlier this month, Blackburn heralded Thatcher as "one of the greatest conservative leaders our generation has known."

"She cast away barriers and convinced people to open their minds to the ideals and concepts of freedom, free people and free markets," Blackburn said. "Lady Thatcher will be remembered for her friendship to America and the alliance she helped forge with President Ronald Reagan to bring peace and prosperity to people around the world."

The House members will be flying commercial to the funeral, Boehner said, as part of a House directive restricting military travel during sequestration.

The White House has not yet announced who plans to attend the funeral, although President Obama and the four living former presidents have all been invited. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is also planning to attend, as is Queen Elizabeth — her first appearance at a prime minister's funeral since Winston Churchill died in 1965.

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