In his first televised interview since resigning from Congress, Weiner told NY1 political anchor Errol Louis that he will decide soon about whether to run for mayor.

Louis peppered Weiner with tough questions about his Twitter scandal, previewing the scrutiny he will likely face if he launches a mayoral bid. The anchor asked Weiner how many women he sent inappropriate photos and messages to.

“Let me say this — here is what I think people need to know,” Weiner responded. “I did these inappropriate things and sent these inappropriate messages with more than one person, several people. And I have been excruciatingly honest, in letter by letter, detail by detail, with my wife. And frankly, a lot of these things are in the public domain. An embarrassing amount is in the public domain.”

“But out of respect for the idea that I've laid it all out for her and out of some respect for the privacy of the people who were at the other end of these correspondences, who had their lives turned upside down, I am not going to go into the details of every bit of it,” he added. “I'll let other people do it.”

Louis then asked if the number of women was less than 10, and after Weiner again tried to dodge the question, he said that he had answered before that the number was six.

"No one was underage,” Weiner added.

Weiner resigned from office in 2011 after he inadvertently tweeted a photo of himself in his underwear. The tweet led to revelations about him sending inappropriate photos and messages to women who weren't his wife.

Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, returned to the media spotlight last week in a New York Times Magazine article in which he said he was considering a run for mayor of New York City.