The Boston Police Department has asked media organizations to turn off their cameras in the area where they are hunting for the remaining marathon bombing suspect. 

Police said the flurry of media coverage could compromise the home searches that are underway in Watertown, Mass.

The FBI and other law enforcement officials have zeroed in on where they believe the armed suspect is hiding. Police are fearful the man might have explosive devices similar to what was used in the terrorist attack on Monday. 

Some news outlets on the scene have stopped broadcasting the main point of activity.

Authorities are also asking listeners not to spread information they hear on police scanners.

The other suspect in the marathon bombings died after an overnight shooting with police.

Authorities are now conducting a door-by-door search in Watertown, who was shown in photos released by the FBI earlier Thursday wearing a white baseball cap. Authorities identified the surviving suspect as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19.

The two men suspected in the bombing are reportedly brothers.

— Updated at 1 p.m.