Lankford's comments came during an interview with NBC Oklahoma City affiliate KFOR. The interview was republished by BuzzFeed.

When asked whether he had been receiving classified information on the bombing, the Oklahoma congressman said he often does not receive better information than the public.

"There's a special group that's the Intelligence Committee they get briefings but I was actually in a classified briefing last Wednesday, where it was a closed door, classified, — they reassured us this is top secret information classified for the bombing — I learned more from the news that night than I learned from my briefing with [Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano] earlier that day.

"So the administration is very closed with the Congress as well giving us only trickles of information often times,” Lankford said. “So that's part of our frustration is going back to Homeland Security and demanding we get information that we as representatives of the community deserved to get."

House lawmakers are set to receive a classified briefing on Tuesday on progress in the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing.