The results mark a continued improvement for Menendez, who is in the throws of a Senate Ethics Committee investigation over accusations that he improperly aided a donor, Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen, and failed to properly disclose costs incurred while travelling on Melgen’s private plane.

While the recent numbers are a bump from February — when 36 percent of voters favored Menendez and 41 percent disapproved of his performance — they still remain lower than the 51 percent approval, 33 percent disapproval ratings he received in late January, before the allegations came to a head.

In the latest poll numbers, 70 percent of voters said they have heard or read something about the controversy surrounding Menendez and Melgen, while 48 percent of people polled believe it is something worth investigating.

Thirty-two percent of voters think the controversy is politically motivated, a position that Menendez himself has held all along.

According to the poll released on Wednesday, 39 percent of voters feel that Menendez is trustworthy and 32 percent do not. In February, only 28 percent of voters believed he was trustworthy, while 44 percent did not.

Menendez has also battled claims from the Daily Caller, a conservative website that has published interviews with alleged prostitutes who claim to have had sex with Menendez during his trips to the Caribbean.

Menendez has maintained his innocence and denied the charges, claiming they were fabricated in an attempt to politically destroy him.

Police sources in the Dominican Republic have said that a lawyer paid one of the women who claimed to have had sex with Menendez to lie about the encounter.