"They ripped everything out of the house," J. Everett Dutschke said, according to The Associated Press. "I haven't slept at all."

Dutschke told the news service that he slept at friend's house to get some rest. Piles of belongings were reportedly visible from the windows of his house on Wednesday.

Dutschke's comments came a day after investigators dropped charges against Paul Kevin Curtis, who had originally been thought to have sent the poison-filled letters intercepted by officials a week earlier. Curtis's attorneys have suggested that he might have been framed, possibly by Dutschke or someone else.

Both Curtis and Dutschke maintain they did not send the letters.

The two also know each other, although Dutschke says they have not spoken since 2010. Dutschke reportedly said that Curtis threatened him after Curtis said Dutschke was a member of MENSA, a group for people with high IQs.  

Officials have not filed charges against Dutschke.

Dutschke did not answer a phone call by The Hill on Wednesday. 

Jordy Yager contributed reporting.