Dislike of the sequester is nonpartisan, with 59 percent of Democrats, 58 percent of independents, and 54 percent of Republicans opposing the cuts. Republicans, by 14 points, are more likely to say they have been impacted by the cuts.

But of those who say the sequester has not personally impacted them, opinion is evenly split: 46 percent favor the cuts, while 46 percent oppose them.

Four major federal agencies — the Internal Revenue Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Office of Management and Budget — are closed Friday, with workers forced to take unpaid furlough days as a result of sequestration. In total, some 115,000 federal workers will have an unpaid vacation day in the largest closing of government offices since the shutdown in the 1990s.

At a speech last weekend in Atlanta, President Obama warned that because of the cuts, "growth may end up slowing and we may start seeing once again the job market stall."