But the president will presumably be staying at a new home this year. 

According to the Globe, Blue Heron Farm — the 28.5-acre estate they have rented in the past — was sold in December 2011 and appears unavailable for rent. The paper also speculated that the first family could attend a Harry Belafonte concert being organized by Charles Ogletree, Obama’s former professor at Harvard Law School, or the Martha’s Vineyard Livestock Show and Fair, which Sasha and Malia Obama have attended in the past. 

Republicans have seized on the trip in the past to portray the president as elitist and out-of-touch. In 2011, the Republican National Committee issued 18 electronic postcards mocking the president's vacation in light of a still-struggling economy. The state party sent the president a "welcome" letter also mocking the vacation.

"Hopefully, the accompanying influx of tourists will create some jobs on the island," the party wrote. "We bet your pal Governor Patrick will let you take credit for those, even if they take the last ferry off the island when you depart for the mainland."