President Obama said new economic proposals that he plans to unveil this week will be "difficult to get through this Congress."

Obama made the comment on Monday, ahead of a set of speeches on Wednesday in which he plans to discuss the economy. Obama teased the upcoming events Monday night saying it would be "a pretty good speech." The economic speeches are a precursor to a rollout of new proposals on improving the economy.

"So the proposals that we put forward are ones that are going to be very difficult to get through this Congress," Obama said during an event for Organizing for Action. "Of course, everything is very difficult to get through this Congress."

Obama added that his role was to introduce an ambitious proposal and then continue to push it "so that we're changing the nature of the conversation and focusing on what matters."

Obama hopes the speeches and the new economic proposals will help portray him as focused on jobs. Democrats believe shifting to a focus on the economy will move Obama back onto offense after months of playing on political controversies and attempts to stay out of the spotlight on immigration reform.

"We have to keep focused on these issues, even as we all are buffeted about by, you know, the variety of things that confront us…fake scandals or things like that," White House press secretary Jay Carney said Monday.