Are there any good Republicans?
President Obama's economic address was an attempt to reach out to the responsible Republicans left, Daily Intel's Jonathan Chait writes.

Privatize student loans
The editors of the National Review say doing so would help address tuition inflation, rather than enabling its continued rise.

The vanishing GOP vote
Salon's Joan Walsh says the party has become even more popular since the last election, despite attempts at rebranding.

Scarborough scalds Carney over 'phony scandals'
The former Florida congressman took the press secretary to task over his assertion that Republicans had become too focused on "phony scandals," NewsBusters' Mark Finkelstein writes.


House rejects effort to curb NSA surveillance program
A majority of Democrats voted for the amendment to curb the NSA powers despite pressure from the White House in the narrow 205-217 vote, The Hill's Jeremy Herb reports.

Senators promised 50 years of secrecy on tax reform
Sens. Max Baucus and Orrin Hatch have assured senators their submissions will be kept under lock and key until 2064, The Hill's Bernie Becker reports