Hillary Clinton could handle things ‘even better’ than her husband did, says Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said in an interview aired Wednesday that he believed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could "handle things probably even better" than her husband, former President Bill Clinton, if she’s elected to the White House.

"Hillary Clinton may have a bigger fan than Harry Reid; I just don’t know who it would be," Reid told PBS’s “NewsHour.” "I think that what she did as a senator, what she did as secretary of State will go down in history books as a remarkable, remarkable job that she did."

"I, of course, have such admiration for the president," Reid said of Bill Clinton's tenure in the White House. "Remember, the last three or four years, he was here we reduced the debt and created 22 million jobs – pretty good deal. And I think that they’re a pretty good team, but she’ll handle things probably even better than he did."

That statement caused anchor Judy Woodruff to ask if he was sure Clinton would do "even better."

"Oh, yeah," Reid responded.

Asked if he would like to see Clinton seek the Democratic nomination in 2016, Reid indicated that he did.

"I don’t know what more I can say than, to be a cheerleader for, than what I’ve already said in this interview," he said.

Clinton has not yet said whether she will run, but early polls show her as the clear favorite on the Democratic side.

According to a poll released by McClatchy-Marist on Wednesday, she is the choice of 63 percent of Democratic primary voters, versus 13 percent for Vice President Biden. No other candidate pulls more than 6 percent of primary voters.

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