President Obama will travel to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to meet with House and Senate Democrats, as both sides seek to hone their message ahead of the August recess and in advance of looming budget fights this fall.

The president will meet separately with both caucuses. He is slated to talk with the House caucus at 10:10 a.m. He will then move on to the upper chamber at 11:25 a.m. to meet with the Senate.

According to reports, Obama’s meetings will be focused on making sure the White House and Democratic lawmakers are ready to press their message on the economy, immigration, healthcare and other second-term priorities going into the recess, which starts at the end of the week. 

The meeting comes as Obama is pivoting back to economic issues, delivering a series of addresses across the country pushing Republicans to help enact legislation to bolster job growth.

On Wednesday, Obama pitched a new “grand bargain” tying a revamped corporate tax code with further infrastructure and job program spending.

Both sides have been sharpening their economic message ahead of two looming budget deadlines on funding the government and raising the debt ceiling.

Obama blasted GOP lawmakers last week, saying they had been focused on “phony” scandals instead of jobs.

The meeting will also give Obama the chance to rally support for the rollout of his healthcare reform law, with insurance exchanges slated to begin enrolling consumers in October. 

Democrats have expressed concerns that troubles with healthcare reform implementation could hurt their chances of retaining the Senate and winning back the House in 2014.

Obama has also faced criticism for not reaching out to Congress enough. 

Since then he has met with members from both parties, even traveling to Capitol Hill earlier this year and hosting dinners with Senate Republicans.