Tamerlan Tsarnaev owned the literature, according to the BBC. The reading material also included an argument about "the rape of our gun rights" and pro-white supremacist literature that argued Adolf Hitler "had a point."

Tamerlan was killed during the manhunt for him and his brother in April, shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings. Tamerlan's younger brother, Dzokhar, was captured during the manhunt, a few days after the bombings.

Years before the bombing, in an interview with The Comment magazine, a publication of Boston University's College of Communication, Tamerlan discussed his desire to be an Olympian-level boxer for the United States rather than Russia, despite his Chechnyan heritage. Tamerlan also revealed a sense of alienation. He said he did not "have a single American friend" despite having lived, at that time, in the United States for five years.

"I don't understand them," Tamerlan told the magazine.