Harkin: Southern senator described Obama as ‘exotic’

President Obama was described as “exotic” by one senator from a Southern state during a closed-door meeting, Sen. Tom HarkinTom HarkinGrassley challenger no stranger to defying odds Clinton ally stands between Sanders and chairmanship dream Do candidates care about our health or just how much it costs? MORE (D-Iowa) claimed Wednesday.

Harkin said the remark was made at a private event attended by nearly the entire Senate on filibuster reform.

“I'm not naming any names, but one senator got up from a Southern state and said, ‘Well, you've got to understand that to my people down here, Obama seems like he's exotic,’ ” Harkin told the Des Moines Register’s editorial board on Wednesday. “That he's just exotic, he doesn't share our values.”

Harkin spoke in response to a question about polarization in Congress. He said the Congress hadn’t been this polarized since the Civil War.