President Obama's eight-day Martha's Vineyard vacation has been defined by images of the commander in chief's frustrating golf round and first pooch Bo being choppered in to join the family.

The White House on Monday, though, sought to portray a more somber image, releasing a photo of Obama meeting with National Security Adviser Susan Rice at what appears to be the dining table of his vacation home.


White House press secretary Jay Carney said Saturday that Rice would be serving as the national security representative for the trip, briefing Obama "as necessary" throughout the week. Carney said Obama would be briefed at least once per day on national security and domestic matters.

Last week, Carney insisted that the vacation would not distract the president from the Middle East terror threat that led the State Department to shutter nearly two dozen diplomatic posts and embassies across the region earlier this month.

“He will be, of course, regularly updated on the current threat that we’ve discussed," Carney said. “He’ll be regularly updated on issues going on around the world and the country, but with any luck, he’ll also have some time to relax with his family.”

Over the weekend, the White House spokesman added that Obama would "do some thinking about and reading about how to move forward on the better bargain for the middle class, which he's been talking about a lot recently and you can expect he'll be talking about a great deal in the days and weeks following this vacation."