Speaking on Fox News’s "Your World With Neil Cavuto," Kasich, the former chairman of the House Budget Committee, said his state would lead a charge to get a two-thirds majority of 34 states threatening Congress with a constitutional convention if lawmakers on Capitol Hill failed to balance the budget.

“I think that the states — if we get 34 states — the Congress will pass something because they don’t want to see a constitutional convention,” Kasich said. “If 34 states can get there and say 'we want a federally balanced budget and we want that in our Constitution,' something will happen.”

A constitutional convention has only met once in U.S. history, in 1787. Nearly every state has applied at some point for a convention since then. None have reached the required two-thirds majority, although a handful have nearly succeeded.

Kasich vowed that Ohio would lead the charge to “reignite the issue.”

“I am convinced that this Congress is not going to get [to a balanced budget] unless there is some cataclysmic event, and if that happens, the collateral damage is going to affect a lot of people that don’t have any power, people who are caught in the middle,” he said. 

“So I believe that we in Ohio want to reignite the issue, to force the Congress to pass a balanced-budget amendment so we can do something that makes perfect sense, and that is to balance the budget.”