Vice President Biden accompanied his son Beau, Delaware's attorney general, to the hospital on Monday after the younger Biden experienced a medical scare last week.

The vice president traveled to the hospital in Houston, Texas, where his son is being evaluated to determine the cause of an “episode of disorientation,” according to a White House statement.

“This morning, the Vice President accompanied his son Beau Biden to Houston, where Beau is being evaluated to determine the cause of an episode of disorientation and weakness that he experienced while on vacation with his family last week,” the statement said.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported last week that the younger Biden was sent via helicopter to Northwestern Memorial Hospital Wednesday night after a medical incident.

The next morning, Beau Biden traveled to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia to consult with his physician, according to a press release from the Delaware attorney general's office. The attorney general was discharged and spent the weekend at home in Wilmington, Del.

Beau Biden spoke by phone to Chief Deputy Attorney General Ian McConnel over the weekend and has been in touch with his office on Monday, according to the release.

Beau Biden was treated for a stroke in 2010 in Philadelphia.