Biden first entered a hospital in Chicago last week following a medical incident before traveling home and checking into a Philadelphia-area hospital for additional monitoring.

"The president had the opportunity to speak on the telephone with the vice president over the weekend on this topic," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday. 

"In that telephone call the president offered his good wishes to Beau and told the vice president that Beau and the rest of the Biden family would be in his thoughts and prayers."

"I can also tell you that a lot of people all across the country woke up with Beau Biden on their mind and in their prayers," Earnest added. "And I can tell you that's true of just about everybody I spoke to at the White House today too."

Beau Biden was treated for a stroke in 2010.

The vice president is scheduled to join President Obama for an event on college affordability Friday in his hometown of Scranton, Pa.