Beau Biden, Delaware attorney general and the son of Vice President Biden, is undergoing a medical evaluation at a cancer center in Texas.

Two people with knowledge of his condition told The Associated Press that the younger Biden was being evaluated Tuesday at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the nation’s leading hospitals.

Reports earlier this week indicated that Vice President Biden accompanied his son on Monday to a hospital in Houston, but did not specify which facility. The vice president, along with Beau Biden's wife and other family members, were with him Wednesday. It is not clear how long the vice president will stay in Houston.

The younger Biden was hospitalized last week for an episode of disorientation and weakness after driving to Indiana for a family vacation. Beau Biden, who is 44, was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and traveled the next day to a Philadelphia hospital to consult with his physician.

He was discharged and spent last weekend at home in Wilmington, Del.

Beau Biden thanked his well-wishers in a Twitter post on Tuesday.

This is not the younger Biden's first health scare. He was treated for a stroke in 2010 in Philadelphia.