Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) on Saturday slammed the Obama administration for "roadblocks coming out of Washington" that he said are hindering American job growth. 

Giving the weekly Republican address, Fitzpatrick touted the "spirit and ingenuity of America’s workers," in celebration of Labor Day.

But he added: "Nearly five years into the Obama presidency, the workers who drive our economy see nothing but roadblocks coming out of Washington."

Fitzpatrick cited the healthcare reform law, the fact that the Keystone XL Pipeline hasn't yet been approved and the "threat of higher taxes and the almost-endless stream of red tape" as obstructions in the way of job growth, asking why the president hasn't acted on each one.

And he offered a solution: The Republican jobs plan, which has 10 planks, including suggestions for achieving energy independence and lowering healthcare costs.

On the healthcare law, Fitzpatrick charged that "it simply isn’t working as promised – and the president knows it."

"Republicans want to protect everyone from this healthcare law so we can focus on step-by-step, patient-centered reforms that actually lower costs. We think it’s only fair to give all Americans the same delay the president is giving to big businesses. But the president threatened to veto a bipartisan bill that would do so – why?" he asked.

He went on to question why the Obama administration is "standing in the way" of the "shovel-ready" Keystone Pipeline project. Many Democrats and environmental groups remain opposed to the project because they say it will create far fewer permanent jobs than Republicans tout and will hurt the environment.

And Fitzpatrick slams higher taxes and excessive regulations that he says "are choking the engines of our economy."

"Republicans want to get spending under control and simplify the tax code – making it flatter and fairer for everyone. And we’ve passed several jobs bills to eliminate excessive regulations and bring common-sense oversight to the regulatory process," Fitzpatrick says.

"But the president is still pushing more of the same tax hikes and ‘stimulus’-style policies that have left us with weak job growth, high prices, and stagnant paychecks. Again we have to ask: why?" he adds.

Fitzpatrick goes on to tout the Republican jobs plan as an alternative, and a way to "preserv[e] the American Dream for future generations."