In seven years, all eyes will be on Tokyo.

The International Olympic Committee voted to send the 2020 Summer Olympics to the Japanese capital on Saturday.

The city beat out Madrid and Istanbul to host the international sporting games.

Tokyo won the first round of voting, and Madrid and Istanbul tied. Istanbul won the runoff, eliminating Madrid from the competition.

Between the last two finalists, Tokyo took the final prize with a vote of 60-36.

The leaders of all three countries flew to Buenos Aires, where the Olympic committee held its vote, to make their final cases after leaving the G-20 summit in St. Petersburg.

Members of the Japanese delegation broke into cheers when the final selection was made.

Tokyo last hosted the games in 1964.

Had Istanbul been selected, it would have been the first time a predominantly Muslim nation hosted an Olympics.

Host nations have advertised the Olympic games as a boon to local economies, though the honor can also bring a number of political obstacles.

American activists and lawmakers angry at Russia, host of next year’s winter Olympics in Sochi, have suggested that the United States should boycott the games in response to its treatment of Edward Snowden, the leaker of classified National Security Agency information, and the country’s laws against homosexuality.

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The White House has rejected that argument and President Obama told reporters that he hoped “some gay or lesbian athletes” would bring medals back to the United States from the Sochi games.