The news site Pravda offered to publish the rebuttal in an interview with Foreign Policy magazine, and a spokesman for McCain said the senator is “glad to take them up on the offer.”

“It’s in the works,” Brian Rogers told The Hill.

McCain has been one of the most vocal proponents on Capitol Hill for a U.S. military strike against the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

He’s the second lawmaker seeking to get an editorial in a Russian paper. On Thursday, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) submitted an op-ed to the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

Putin’s op-ed, in which he chastised the U.S. for the proposed strike against the Assad regime in Syria, was met with backlash from Capitol Hill and the White House. In particular, lawmakers were infuriated by Putin’s insistence that American exceptionalism was “dangerous.”

Israel wrote that he holds “the exceptionalism of my country dear.”

“Finally, let me address President Putin's opposition to the notion of American exceptionalism,” he said. “As an American, I hold the exceptionalism of my country dear. I also know of the many exceptional achievements our two countries made together, such as defeating Nazism and discovering Space.”

Former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), who currently heads the conservative Heritage Foundation, also penned a rebuttal on Friday.

“We Americans do not need to be reminded, as you did in your New York Times op-ed, that God creates us equal,” DeMint wrote on the Heritage website.

“This is the first self-evident truth upon which our nation was founded and which we proclaimed to the world in our Declaration of Independence. We also enshrined the principle of equality under the law in our Constitution and remain dedicated to it.”