According to a Monmouth University-Asbury Park Press poll released Tuesday, 58 percent of voters think Christie will ultimately decide to run for president, while 40 percent believe he has already made up his mind. 

Only 22 percent of residents in the state say he does not want to run, according to the poll.

While 44 percent still believe he is more concerned with governing the state, 38 percent believe he is giving priority to his political future. And 12 percent believe he is concerned about both equally. 

That does not seem to be hurting him at the polls in his current race for reelection, however. The latest Monmouth survey did not poll his race against state Sen. Barbara Buono (D), but prior polls have shown Christie with large leads. 

If Christie decides to jump into the race for president, a majority of residents think he has the right temperament and experience to be commander in chief. Fifty-six percent think he has the temperament and 53 percent think he has the right experience. 

Those numbers are boosted by Republicans, with nearly eight in 10 giving him high marks. A majority of independents feel the same, while 43 percent of Democrats think he has the right temperament, and 37 percent say he has the right experience. 

Sixty-one percent believe Christie’s health will not be a concern if he runs. 

The poll surveyed 783 New Jersey adults and contains a margin of error of 3.5 percent.