"They have to be more than just a lemming. Because jumping to your death is not enough," he said, according to The Washington Post

“It’s getting a little old," he added. 

Nunes has adopted some Democrats’ rhetoric in the budget battles. Former Vice President has called Republicans “political terrorists.” White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer compared Republicans to people "with a bomb strapped to their chest” last week. 

Nunes said, however, he plans on voting for the GOP’s latest plan to tie the funding bill to a one year delay of the individual mandate, which also restricts members of Congress from receiving federal health subsidies when they enter the newly created healthcare exchanges.

Nunes said some in his party are "giddy" about a shutdown, but Democrats have the most to gain. 

"We're pretty much out of options at this point,'' Nunes was quoted as saying in the Wall Street Journal. "They're all giddy about it. You know who benefits the most here from a shutdown? The Democrats benefit and they know that."