“Republican governors are not going to take it anymore,” he wrote in an op-ed in The Daily Caller.  “We are not going to allow the Republican Party to be defined by the dysfunction in Washington.” 

Jindal heads the Republican Governors Association. 

“The dysfunction in Washington casts doubt on conservative ideas and whether they work or not,” he said. 

Jindal said he supports the push by congressional Republicans to strip away parts of President Obama’s healthcare law, but he said the cause has fractured the party. 

“We appreciate all the Republicans in Washington fighting to do just that,” he said. “What we don’t appreciate is Republican disunity and fratricide in Washington.”

He also said the stalemates in Congress are getting old. 

“It was interesting the first 40 times, but it’s not interesting anymore, it just points to failure,” he said. 

Jindal blamed Obama ahead of the GOP, accusing him of refusing to negotiate and remaining “stubborn and partisan.”

The Louisiana governor, who is seen a potential presidential candidate in 2016, took a similar position as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) about the budget fights. 

Christie, another potential 2016 contender, said Monday lawmakers in Congress are too quick to attack each other in the media and said all parties are to blame for a shutdown. 

“My approach would be, as an executive, is to call in the leaders of Congress, the legislature, whatever you are dealing with, and saying we are not leaving this room until we fix this problem, because I am the boss. I am in charge,” Christie said.