“I think it’s going to be another Democratic president,” Ginsburg told The Washington Post in a magazine profile. “The Democrats do fine in presidential elections. Their problem is they can’t get out the vote in the midterm elections.”

Ginsburg, 80, has battled cancer, prompting speculation she could be the next justice to retire. Appointed by former President Clinton, she is a consistent liberal vote on the court. She has continuously said she will serve as long as she feels she is fit. The court's new term starts Monday.

Ginsburg noted that Justice John Paul Stevens retired when he was 90 after he grew concerned about his hearing. 

“When I can’t do the job, there will be signs,” Ginsburg said. “I know that Justice Stevens was concerned the last few years about his hearing. I’ve had no loss of hearing yet. But who knows when it could happen?”

President Obama has already nominated two justices to the court in his first term — Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.