“In addition to giving press conferences and interviews, the president meets on occasion with groups of reporters and columnists for off-the-record discussions,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz told The Hill. “We don’t provide lists of participants.”

However, two of the reporters invited – Byron York of The Washington Examiner and Robert Costa of The National Review – tweeted about the meeting.

York sent out a string of tweets that are combined below:

“To interested tweeps: Yes, I was at WH meeting Tuesday with President Obama. I agreed beforehand that content would be off the record. It was good meeting; really helped me better understand WH perspective on current matters. As far as [off-the-record] is concerned, on Monday I had long talk with a leader of the defund Obamacare effort, combo background and off-the-record. I understand the suspicions, but in my experience these meetings do not involve exchange of any secrets; rather, they are way for officials to expand and explain their positions in little more open way that allows me to better understand what is going on. Finally, I was impressed Obama invited conservative journalists in. He didn't have to, but he did, and I thought that was a good thing.”

According to media reports, Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer, Wall Street Journal editor Paul Gigot, and columnist Kathleen Parker rounded out the group.